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Subject : Good to know Read : 914
Posted by : 운영자   Date : 2009-02-12 14:44:33

It is February 2009.
Most fanciers medicate their birds against canker in winter.
Today many fanciers put apple vinegar, garlic (or both) in the drinker to acidify the water and they found it reduced chances of an infection of trichomoniasis dramatically.
Those fanciers that treat their birds against canker in winter should be aware of the fact that birds drink so little, therefore it is advisable to cure through the food that is moistened.

운영자 겨울철 관리 Canker 나 Trichomoniasis 질병 감염 예방으로 사과식초 마늘 등을 음료수에 배합하여 준다.. 2009-02-12 14:51:37


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